The Meh Meh Chronicles


we come to the end of the road

still I can't let go

it is so natural




My tears no longer waiting

My resistance ain't that strong

My mind keeps recreating,

a life with you alone

And I'm tired of pretending,

I don't love you, anymore.




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Friday, September 08, 2006

hi for those who fall upon this blog. It's been sometime since i blogged. In fact, this is the longest time since i've blogged. Well, lots of things happened and i've kinda forgotten about this place. Not forgotten, just slipped through my mind.

There's something which i don't wish to type it here, maybe my personal blog for i think it's not nice to share with others. Haha sorry for those who don't know it, some of them know about it and some of them need some update haha. For the rest, i'm still smiling like i used to be. =)

Actually for these few weeks, i kinda lost contact with alot of people around me. Ah well, looks like i will say it.

I've not feeling well for these few weeks. Yah, hope you've no question in your mind after this.

Rest that what i need, sometimes i'm also tired to use the computer. . .

a short entry. i'm done here.


oh yah, all my friends out there.

i cherish every moment i have with you.
i thank you for the moment i popped in your mind.
i'm sorry for not contacting you.
i'm sorry for not telling you certain things.
i'll be back
forget me not

i love gays


meh meh at 11:15 PM

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

it's been sometime since i blogged here, i was thinking if anyone bothers to read my blog now. Well, it's not that i'm lazy to blog and stuff but i'm just don't want to blog and if i blog, most of the entires will be found in my personal one. No worries for i decided not to post so many time on my personal. But that does not mean that i will post often here. But i will post some of my personal contents here, if possible.

for all this times, i've been learning new things and i realised something. I, somehow gave my friends a wrong impression of me. Ok, not wrong but they failed to see another side of me and seriously, i've yet to find a reason why they should know the other side of me. But still i've to let them know that i'm not always smiling and happy-go-lucky dude you see on the street everyday.

People change, so am i. And this is how i think now. If there's one soul who thinks that this is related to "Maturity". Maybe it is, i don't know why but i tend to see this world differently now, of course the people.

Alright, now, i'm drinking alcohol and i'm feeling a little bit light headed now, so i should stop here and will NOT resume anymore for i don't think anyone bothers to read my senseless entry.

Sometimes this world sucks so much that i can't wait to end my life
But sometimes, it's so beautiful, so beautiful that you hope itime will stop you allow yourself to feel such sweet melody. . .

"The Lake House"

such nice movie


meh meh at 1:52 AM

Monday, July 10, 2006

finally, done with sip.

i'm sure everyone has this feeling,

when you first enter the company for attachment, you always urge for the 3 months to end as soon as possible, can't wait to get out of that place. hoping that you will go back to tp and rather do projects and assigment. . . but once it's over, you hope that you can stay in that company awhile longer, hoping that you will never leave your colleagues.

alright, not everyone for some of them seriously thinks their attachment were really fucked up.
mine was exceptional. haha.

the last night of attachment was crazy, 7.7.06

my shi fu/ master treated dixon, Kc and me seoul garden at bugis,
after that wanna go pub or club but i had my bag along with me. With such a burden, i decided to go home and freshen up myself and went back to meet my colleagues as well as my guys. Decided to go to one place,


informed the guys, reach the place, found out that we were only allow to go in at 1030pm. So we waiting for my guys.

10:30pm, my guys still not reached(sound gay, they're gerald,keat,clement,vic,yao), so i asked my colleagues to go in 1st.

waiting for 45mins, one girl approached me and asked for my ic, i refused she walked away. dressed up like some mature slut, fuckable! lol. found out that the guys not gonna come, kinda pissed, but well, it's ok. i understand. they really couldn't get a cab.

went in to meet up with the guys,

dance floor = 4 girls

12am: 7girls, 10 guys trying to flirt, 6 failed. hopless.

1230, entered the dance floor,

shaked some ass with some unknown girls, unexpectedly, some guys zzzz.....

drink dance drink

went home at 2.30am. lol....

4am, knock out in bed zzzzzz.....

and it's over, i miss my colleagues. . . .


meh meh at 5:49 PM

Sunday, July 02, 2006

does anyone still remember this place?

nevertheless, let me type something here

england lose,
same goes to argentina

fuck refrees, seriously, so what if it's world cup?

humans react the same even if things changed or things are different,

doesn't mean if it's world cup, players can't express that unhappiness or anger!
just a simple push as it's a red card to rooney, like wtf?!

call me bias or what i don't care,
but i really felt that




expect for one,
our beloved singapore refree.

when it's suppose to be a penalty, the refree said no,
when it's suppose to be booked, the refree said carry on.

urgh, so what if the host is Germany? hello, fair game play?
tainted hearts, everyone

meh meh at 5:10 PM

Monday, June 12, 2006

hell yah guys, bloody 4 weeks left for sip! seriously for the last 4 weeks, sip was great. Yes i said great 'cause i've colleagues who are around the same age as me

one 25, one 24, one 21, one 20, and one father and mothers haha.

the father is the one i'm working with.

ok 25 name is kc
24(i think) is melvin
21 is DICKson
20 is crazy joyce
father is maslam
mother is adeline, jenny and maram

closer to that dick though, more shit to talk about.

ok here comes the crazy part, joyce is the craziest girl i ever met, i tell you, her characters can rock bottom you girls! haha. She's so god damn interesting to talk to. most guys will like her. Hehe.

till last week, shit happens when my supervisor got informed by one of my colleague for talking from 8am to 830am



read this sonuvabitches and judge,

8am reached lab,
was doing my log book while dick,kc,joyce were outside talking.
820am, was sick of writing my book so i stopped and joined them and relax abit for 5mins.
830am, my most respectable colleague, maslan somehow warned and "scolded" us that we kept on taking and should start working soon.
11-12am, my supervisor was found in the lab and he, maslan, maran were taking about the previous attachment student, so obviously i was related.

next day,
was doing my log book again till 820am.
found out that my supervisor was in the lab very early this time(he suppose to be in another lab), so i passed him my log to sign,

he told me, "i'm going to give you a very bad comment eh/"
i said, "huh? why? for what?"
he said, " just give me the book"

so be it, i gave him and resume my work.
was fucking pissed for why he never tell me what i've done wrong and assume things himself.

asked maslan what happened, he said cos we talked from 8-830am and didn't work.

for fuck sake? i was in the room doing my log book and chatted with them for 5mins and i was get involved in it? oh fucking great!

fuck you assumption-nist.

i was so god damn unlucky alright and screw that back stabber, i know who is that person but it's not comfirm and i dun mind assume that person is the one who informed my boss.

i decided to apologise to him for my "wrong doing"
luckily, he forgived me and didn't write any shit down in my log.
while i was doing my fucking apologising speech, my mind was thinking,
"where the fuck i've done wrong?"

no choice, for the sake of my sip, shit happens and i've to endure it.

i mean i did finish my work well and i'm quite hardworking at work. even maslan sad that too. oh yah, i was heard i was gonna fail this sip and he helped me talked to my boss. yah not gonna fail any shit hahal.

my style of workin',
let me slack for awhile at the beginning and i'd start my engine till 1230pm have lunch and work again till i finished my work again and i like to workfast, finish then rest.

too bad, my style wasn't being acceptable in f & n, how ignorant.

oh yah, i'm going back to another QC lab where i started working for sip, this lab suck alright! have to see my boss so god damn often. zzzz.
mean i'm fucking back to do on-line production with loud noises,
i hope i can suffer from motion sickness again and i can go back to central lab haha.
just joking.
if he has been urging to find mistakes in me with proof, work harder and leave me alone
for i will prevail and leave this company for good.

shit, i've to work with a malaysian cool guy from tomorrow onwards, hope he's like dickson who i can crap with. too bad he doesn't looks like one to me.

urgh, i want to go back to central lab.

fuck you man!


meh meh at 8:46 PM

Sunday, May 28, 2006

after months MONTHS of messy desktop, i finally change!

have a nice look,

another one,

i love abstract, love them.

i changed from some seaweed name into "a.D"

"a.D" is just one of my cyber nick, it's nothing special. Looks unique and cool.

How is it?


meh meh at 3:32 PM

Saturday, May 27, 2006

i understand certain things which the bigger ones once told me before.

this more is seriously more sick than i used to think, more complicated you can call it.

"Now than you know?"

Fuck you if you say this, you're not that great after all bloody homo-sapien.

Don't ever fuck with me now, or i'll fuck you back real hard, i swear.

When the time comes, it will.

Just read, don't think.
Just an mindless entry from me.


meh meh at 4:58 PM

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